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The story about how I got here …

When I was little I was always interested in organizing the environment around me. And with that, I learned the ability to tune in with the environment by doing tests inside my own home. Every day there was something different. But, I wanted something more to complement my skill, so I decided to graduate. I […]

How difficult life is if we don’t see the beauty side?

How difficult life is if we don’t see the beauty side? I like to say that we are like flowers. Why we are like flowers? Flowers are plants. Beautiful plats that have their variety of colors. Like we have our races. Flowers grow their roots in fertile soil, mother nature. And we grew inside our […]

Design Elements and Knowledge

Home doesn’t need to be boring. It can be fun, and you still can learn from that. A lot of people don’t believe how a physical setting can interfere with who you are and how your emotions can be affected. First, we should think about this question: How do we learn? When we were a […]

De-clutter and Balance Your Mind

In moments like now, It gives us the opportunity to focus in our home. I had the opportunity to get some tips from a professional organizer, Orly Haber. These amazing tips will help you get through your Stay-at-Home time without going crazy.   Before de-cluttering, Orly asks all her new clients the same questions. “Are […]

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