De-clutter and Balance Your Mind

In moments like now, It gives us the opportunity to focus in our home. I had the opportunity to get some tips from a professional organizer, Orly Haber. These amazing tips will help you get through your Stay-at-Home time without going crazy.


Before de-cluttering, Orly asks all her new clients the same questions.

“Are you doubted by the lack of awareness?

Home organizing will help you organizing your mind and thoughts , mentality, and being controlled.

“Organizing a suitcase, toys, underwear drawer, and toolbox – the areas that we swept under the rug over and over, that we filled up and forgot will affect the appearance of our home and our entire mood. I will provide you with a few easy home organizing tips, an easy way to organize that will be used mainly for our convenience:

1. Make your bed – organizing your bed cover, or a set of trendy and modern sheets will immediately provide your bed room an organized look and will also give you the wish to get back in bed at the end of the day.

2. Medicine cabinet: It is very easy to organize and make space since a lot of the medication is already expired. Put all the medications in a box/basket or a flat drawer.

3. Stuff you haven’t used in a long time: garage, balcony, basement. This time make us think about what’s important and what’s not. Separate yourself from things you haven’t used on a long period of time.

4. Toys: it’s time to throw away broken toys that don’t work anymore – puzzle that are missing pieces, toys that don’t match your child’s age or needs. You can donate them and give them away.

5. Underwear drawer: to filter out everything that is not in good condition. Whatever’s not comfortable; take out, and whatever’s trendy and comfy you should keep.

6. Pantry: great time to throw away foods that were open for a long time, expired. Organized boxes/baskets in a space that is available and convenient. Organize by different categories.

7. Mail and paperwork: Look for a binder and put most of it there. It will be organized and will make you want to keep organizing the rest.

8. Service room: organize cables, light bulbs, cleaning supplies, toolbox. Get rid of everything double, or rusty.”


These are some Orly Haber tips for a more organized home. She states that you can also involve you family in those tasks and work together as a team. Organizing and de-cluttering your home can have other benefits as well:


1. Stress reduction:

Less is more. If you have less things to worry around you, your level of stress will be less. Just keep your home in balance.


2. Physical benefits:

Keeping your home organized also means keep clean, away from dust. This is a mild physical exercise that you can do in your home as a routine.


3. Heightened productivity:

As I said in stress reduction, less is more. If you have less clutter around you, you will find yourself less distracted and able to accomplish much more!

4. Self-empowerment:

Try to eliminate things you don’t use, or have extra of for no reason. This topic reminds us of the underwear drawer tips that Orly gave us. Let’s try to be in control of our necessity. Some people suffer of depression or anxiety, because they need the guidance of how to be organized.

If you would like to know more about how to organize your home, I highly recommend to contact Orly Haber, and support her company West Log East. You can find more information at Her Japanese techniques can help improve your mood.


By Rayssa Barros


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