How difficult life is if we don’t see the beauty side?

I like to say that we are like flowers. Why we are like flowers? Flowers are plants. Beautiful plats that have their variety of colors. Like we have our races. Flowers grow their roots in fertile soil, mother nature. And we grew inside our mother’s uterus and for a time we are connected with our mother through the umbilical cord. That is exactly like a root. 

One very important thing about how plants and human are similar, it is that plants need the sun and water. So do we. Plants get energy from the sun to reproduce and survive, and the water helps them transporting nutrients. With us, water composed more than 60% of the human adult body, and the sunlight UV rays help our body make nutrients, called vitamin D. Vitamin D helps our body to function well, like the flowers. 

We are all beautiful like flowers. We are all sensitive and strong like flowers. Some flowers can go through a strong winter and so we deal with strong moments in our life. Flowers on spring spread their pollen due to te the tension on stored mechanical energy and this process helps pollinate other plants. I can say that we can compare pollination with sperm and eggs. That is the process of creation. 

We all have plants of creation in us. Be inspired by something and inspire others we might find our purpose. We are so like flowers, that you might agree with me. Must of occasion we celebrate, we give flowers. Or that could mean, we give a symbol of ourselves. Based on the website “the symbolic language of flowers has been recognized for centuries in many countries throughout Europe and Asia… Nearly every sentiment imaginable can be expressed with flowers.” love, justice, sadness, silence, glory, joy, affection, goodbyes, passion and so on. 

Sometimes we are so focused on working, or others things, that we forget to see what the nature around us. Who never plant a bean in a cotton boll and waited an exciting couple of days to see the “magic”? The stem and roots growing slowly…And all the love we felt in the moment. Life is learning how to love small moments and creating existence. Enjoy being a flower.

By: Rayssa Barros